Jason Goodwin (1964) is an English writer and historian, almost regarded as one of their own by the festival organizers as he is visiting the festival for the third time now. He studied Byzantine history in Cambridge. His account of a walk from Poland to Istanbul spanning half a year, On Foot to the Golden Horn (1992), enjoyed wide success. Istanbul plays a key part in Goodwin’s fiction as well; his Yashim the Ottoman Investigator series is set in Istanbul during the sunset of the Ottoman Empire in the late 19th century. Along with a memorable main character (a eunuch detective), Goodwin combines exciting plot elements with an ability to capture the city’s unique atmosphere. Also, Goodwin is the only guest writer of our festival who is here for the third time. On his first visit, he sat in a freezing and windswept tent, and spoke to the few people who had the will to stay and brave the elements, and left a profound impression with his good humour, wit and stoicism characteristic of a true wanderer.