‘Beautiful and Simple Things Still Remain’

In some ways, people’s lives are clearly defined, even to the clock – it begins with birth and ends with death. On the other hand, it is clear that the borders of a person’s earthly existence do not match the duration of his intellectual existence; the majority of people leave a trace. The trace of good writers could be called influence – their work affects the following generations, their voice speaks to people even after the speakers are no longer with us. The influence of writers is divorced from their characters and sensibilities – a writer can be remembered as sociable and jovial like Kalev Kesküla or mysterious and solitary like Mari Vallisoo, they can be associated with the witty spirit of university lecture halls like with Toomas Liiv or with the windy slopes in peripheries full of seagull laughter like with Jüri Tuulik. Influence does not require a special character, it only comes from the skill of writers in putting their sensibilities and world views into words, their precision and clarity of expression. Kesküla has written very beautifully: ‘Beautiful and simple things still remain’. It is the same with beautiful and simple words. The members of the festival’s organising team felt that it is time to celebrate the enduring influence of words once spoken. Thus, we gather on Friday, 29 May at 3 pm at the A. H. Tammsaare museum for commemorating writers, who have recently left us, by performing their work, which will not leave us any time soon. Veronika Kivisilla will perform the texts of Mari Vallisoo, Indrek Koff will interpret Kalev Keskküla, Igor Kotjuh will interpret Jüri Tuulik and Jan Kaus will perform the works of Toomas Liiv.


A. H. Tammsaare Museum