Dear Evening II Tõnis Rätsep and Henn Rebane

Actor Tõnis Rätsep (1947) and actor and poet Juhan Viiding (1948-1995) repeatedly co-operated on creative endeavours, the best known of which is Amor Trio, which also included the actor Lembit Ulfsak. Dear Evening was the stage programme of Rätsep and Viiding, whose last performance took place in 1994 at the café of Rakvere Theatre. This programme combined words and music, Viiding performed a large share of his poetry by singing, all kinds of sounds and voices, from waltz to rock and tango to polka, were used. Twenty-one years later, Tõnis Rätsep and accordionist Henn Rebane (1952) will meet on stage at our festival. They will bring back in part the atmosphere of the former Dear Evening – among others, Viiding’s song Kartuliõis, inspired by Rebane, will be performed – but at the same time, it is unmistakably a new programme. This unique performance can be seen at the Estonian Writers’ Union on Thursday, 28 May at 8 pm.


Estonian Writers’ Union