Fresh Produce from the Writers’ Cabbage Patch

Our literary festival has been drawn to a close at a house at Koidu Street 84 for several years now, in a garden of the house of writers, away from the halls of the Old Town, with trees and fences for walls, the soft sky for ceiling, local Pippi Longstockings and mister Nilssons hanging around the audience, the modern Eva-Lotta Lisanders and Kalle Blomkvists running behind the fences. Since the festival is already ending, it is fitting to send the audience off with storytelling and music, where one performance can spontaneously grow out of the previous one. This way, the audience doesn’t even notice that the festival has diffused into the early summer, beautiful words mix with the smell of roasting lamb and and it becomes increasingly warm to breathe. You can listen to foreign guests like David Ambrose, Jaan Malin will attract the lingering drifters with his deep voice, Tuule Kann and her friends will stroke your ears with folk music. Perhaps a writer will emerge from the writer’s house – such as Peeter Sauter – perhaps performing a new work – perhaps the collection of poems entitled Pancakes in Solitude. You are welcome on Sunday, 31 May at 6 pm under the thick trees and on slanting benches until the twilight takes us in its embrace and sends us on our way.


Koidu 84