The final of the Poetry Battle

Luulelahing (Poetry Battle) is a programme on Vikerraadio radio station, bringing the variety and multiplicity of contemporary Estonian poetry to wider audiences. It is a more refined and honed version of a poetry slam, although here, too, the audience has a decisive role. In every programme, four currently relevant poets perform their work and get feedback – from the guest critic present in every programme and from the wider audience through a later vote. The programme is in its second season and like in the previous year, its finale takes place at festival HeadRead. This time, too, the programme will be headed by poet Jürgen Rooste, who is also known as a lively and expressive performance poet and prose writer and the staple of Vikerraadio’s cultural programmes, Peeter Helme. As always, the audience can participate in the live programme of Poetry Battle, that sees the meeting of two best poets of the season – the names of who are still not known at the time this article is written. The winner of Poetry Battle will be clear at the Estonian Writers’ Union on Saturday, 30 May at 7 pm.


Estonian Writers’ Union