Poetry Mass

There are several places in Tallinn that are indispensable for festival HeadRead. Naturally, the Estonian Writers’ Union, that is the unofficial main venue of our festival, but certainly the Tallinn Central Library and Kloostri Ait also, and this year, the A. H. Tammsaare Museum and the Russian Theatre were also added. And naturally, the Niguliste church museum. Every year, poems ring out under the vaults of the former church, performed by the authors themselves. However, 2015 is exceptional because the co-operation of Niguliste Museum and festival HeadRead resulted in a poetry and photo book. It is an extraordinary publication because all texts are inspired by the Niguliste church. Early this year, several Estonian poets found a quieter moment to take some time off in the Niguliste church and to mould their experience into poetry. The book is named after Doris Kareva’s poem about the church, also included in the book. The photos were taken by Kärt Kukkur, and the poets who will perform at the mass in addition to Kareva, will include Asko Künnap, Peep Ilmet, Kätlin Kaldmaa, Jürgen Rooste, Kristjan Haljak, Eeva Park, Viiu Härm. You can listen live to the poems of the collection on Sunday, 31 May at 12 pm.


Niguliste Museum