The Literary Life of Moscow: publishing houses, prizes, clubs

Juri Tsvetkov (1969) and Danil Faizov (1978) are Russian poets whose common literary passion has taken them to the centre of Russian literary life. They met at the Moscow Litarary Institute, where they studied poetry together. In January 2004, they founded the association Kulturnaya Initsiativa, which began organizing all kinds of events and occasions in Moscow and elsewhere in Russia. By now, the team is heading a large share of literary events in Moscow, including the greatest ones, such as book fairs, forums and international festivals. Every year, Kulturnaya Initsiativa organizes about 120-150 events, co-operating with almost every major Russian literary institution and author. It perhaps goes without saying that HeadRead has used the help of Kulturnaya Initsiativa in inviting Russian authors to Estonia. One is moved to ask: how do they do it? Tsvetkov and Faizov will answer that question on Thursday, 28 May at 6 pm at the Tallinn Central Library.


Tallinn Central Library