HeadRead – what is it? HeadRead is a literary festival in Tallinn, bringing together writers from Estonia and abroad to spread the message of the written word.

What does HeadRead offer? All kinds of literary events, over an extended weekend at the end of May and beginning of June. Conversations with renowned authors. Discussions on current issues. Seminars and workshops. Poetry readings, poetry theatre and poetry battles. Literary walks, cafés and film screenings. Great books, both new and old.

What does HeadRead not offer? Cultural manufacturing, a mental conveyor belt, finishing trains of thought before they even begin. Reaching the top five of the biggest festivals in the universe. Just another weekend among others.

Who is the main guest of the festival? A festival without an audience is like an oasis without palm trees.

No, really, who is the main guest of the festival? A good festival is like a good film, where the brilliant main characters do not overshadow the strength of the whole, the importance of each episode. In short: every guest is the main guest.

What is the main theme of the festival? Literature.

What does HeadRead value above all? Reading books, being influenced by them, spreading words expressed with skill and passion – and all people who value the things listed above.

Which people are welcome to the festival? People who are interested in interesting stories and interesting people. In short: everyone is welcome.

What is the duration of HeadRead? Officially, half a week; however, since the influence of good literature lasts longer and the festival is part of the life of good literature, it could be said that HeadRead lasts all year.

HeadRead or Prima Vista? Both.