Timeless Texts in Temporal Theatre: Anu Lamp, Taavi Teplenkov, Külli Teetamm

It seems that the theatre contains a certain amount of sadness. A production takes on an interesting life, getting reborn with every performance, but in the end, after the last performance, only a few traces are left – some images in photo albums and in the memories of viewers. If you’re lucky, a performance is recorded on film. However, the fleeting and momentary nature is integral to the theatre – especially in post-dramatic theatre, which often takes inspiration from one-off events on stage, the unexpectedness of the situation and the spontaneity of liberated drama. Yet there is still a part of theatre that stands the test of time a little better – drama. Although today the emphasis of drama tends to be on the performative aspect, the written dialogue recorded on paper is still very much present for actors. The memories of actors are filled with traces of written words. We wish to celebrate these traces at the festival and have invited several renowned actors to come together and read a selection of texts that have greatly influenced them as actors. Pääru Oja, Külli Teetamm and Taavi Teplenkov will perform.

The event is in Estonian.


Estonian Writers’ Union