Estonian final of Poetry Slam

A compulsory event for those interested in live performances of poetry – a genre where literature employs theatrical elements and where the poet has to convince not just with the content of the text, but also his or her eyes, voice and gestures. The increasingly expressive and performative nature of literature, the fact that authors are more often meeting their audiences face to face in addition to printed texts has made Poetry Slams self-evident. The audience also plays a greater role than usual in poetry slams, as their immediate reaction determines the winner. As usual, there are regional finals all across Estonia – in Pärnu, Tallinn, Tartu and Viljandi – and the best will meet at HeadRead at Café Sinilind. The rules are as follows: the performance cannot exceed three minutes, only original works by the performer are allowed, no extra aids can be used. The Poetry Slam Final will be headed by poet Johanna-Mai Vihalemm and Marko Martinson.

The event is in Estonian.