Literary quiz

Where can you find the following questions: ‘Oh, Shakespeare, tell me, you created your work? Oh, Shakespeare, tell me, what do you think of Peter Brook? Oscar Wilde, did you know Tchaikovsky?’ And what was the name of the schoolboy who posed these naive questions? (Had he really not heard anything of Christopher Marlowe?)? Which famous Estonian literary figure was the namesake of this schoolmate? What was the item he kept spinning? Who squeaked in the corner?

We can be certain of two things. Firstly, the person who lent his singing voice to all these questions – the legendary Ivo Linna – is now also known as a keen quiz player. Secondly, the first literary quiz of HeadRead will have much tougher questions in store! Everyone longing for some knowledge-based excitement and keen to test their hand in literary riddles is welcome. Tauno Vahter and Krista Kaer act as quizmasters.

There are around 50 questions in total, teams can have up to three members and participation is free. Prizes by Varrak and Tänapäev Publishers.

The event is in Estonian.


Estonian Writers’ Union