Orbita Poetry Disco

Since it is impossible to imagine our festival without the poetry disco of Mart Juur, head of the literary programme Ministry of Literature, comic genius and music aficionado, it is perfectly natural that his literary-musical selection will enliven the festival this year, too. However, two things have changed about the poetry disco. Firstly, it is held in café Must Puudel this year. Secondly, there are several discos. In addition to Juur, who will play records and hopefully Marko Mägi and other poets on Wednesday, 25 May at 10 pm, Must Puudel will also host the Latvian experimental group of poets Orbita (Thursday, 26 May at 10 pm) and to balance out the male lineup, the young poet Helena Läks (Friday, 27 May at 10 pm). Therefore, we can look forward to exciting mixes of words and sounds on three consecutive evenings!

Orbita, founded in 1999 in Riga as a group of Latvian Russian poets and artists, is dedicated to a dialogue between creative practices. The group is known for their exciting literary performances, where words are amplified by photographs, painting, music and graphic design. Orbita organised the video and multimedia festival Word in Motion in Riga and promotes the Russian-language poetry of Latvia. The lineup of Orbita at the Russian Theatre is Sergei Timofejev, Artur Punte, Vladimir Svetlov and Semjon Hanin.

The event is in Russian.


Must Puudel