Prose-reading Competition

When there is a will, one can compete at anything – even in a field as subjective as literary prose. Last year’s competition, which was won by prose writer and poet Kai Aareleid, was memorable for its large number of participants, and the event stretched across several hours. That is why the motto of this year’s competition is roughly as follows: shorter and less. We will also not harass the performers with the arguments of a subjective jury; instead, the totally objective audience will provide vocal assessments of performances. So we welcome all competitors to register in time and bring their cheerleaders – or win over the hearts of the cheerleaders of others. The address awaits good prose writers who will not say no to a great performance. The event will be headed by translator and poet Indrek Koff. NB! Registration begins on 10 May.

The event is in Estonian.


Estonian Writers’ Union