Pure Estonian Literature

It seems that Estonian literature is doing ever better on the international scene. Andrus Kivirähk attracts attention in France and elsewhere, Meelis Friedenthal’s novel Bees has been or is about to be published in a dozen languages, Rein Raud’s novels are increasingly resonating outside Estonia, while Piret Raud’s books are being translated at an astounding pace. This raises the question whether Estonian literature has qualities that set it apart from, for example, Latvian, Finnish or French literature – or is it all down to the individual talent of the author? Does contemporary Estonian literature possess a certain peculiarity and mystery or are we misled by pure chance? This question is best put to those who see the Estonian mindset from up close, yet at a distance – the translators of Estonian literature. Thus, the crème de la crème of this profession will come together at the festival: Latvian Maima Grīnberga and American Adam Cullen. The talk is moderated by Ilvi Liive, head of the Estonian Literature Centre. 

The event is in Estonian.


Tallinn Central Library