Fresh Produce from the Writers’ Cabbage Patch

On 31 March this year, the library-cum-café Kapsad (Cabbages) reopened at Koidu Street 84. A wonderful mix of a unique library with named shelves and a cosy and easy-going venue, it was conceived by Marko Martinson, vagabond, musician, heart of the crowd, Poetry Slam MC and cook. A one-time member of the Uus Maailm Society, Martinson wanted to amplify the still-lingering atmosphere of the area and we are glad to say that Kapsad, still familiar after its makeover, welcomes all festival guests and enthusiasts to its premises and its surroundings, mainly the garden of the house at Koidu 84, the Cabbage patch of Kapsad, to give a colourful ending to the festival and let in the summer. As in previous years, the lineup includes foreign and local performers. The schedule, location and length will take shape in the course of the event. One thing is certain – Martinson will cook up something tasty as usual.