Aino Pervik

© Priit Palomets

Aino Pervik (1932) is one of these Estonian authors to whom the phrase ‘needs no introduction’ easily applies. The main reason is that her works have become classics of Estonian children’s and young adult literature, such as Kunksmoor (1973), Kunksmoor ja kapten Trumm (1975) and Arabella, mereröövli tütar (1982). However, Pervik’s versatility is not that well known. Firstly, she has written many remarkable works aimed at adults, the last of which is Matlena teekond (2010). Secondly, several generations have grown up with not just her books but also her translations – such as the books of the Hungarian children’s author Eva Janikovzski. Thirdly, Pervik’s continued top form is impressive, she published two children’s books last year: Tähenärija ja Kriksadull and Jääpurikas, murelik piim ja teised tüübid. The latter was nominated for the Estonian Cultural Endowment children’s literature prize. The prize was awarded to the book Lugu Sandrist, Murist, tillukesest emmest ja nähtamatust Akslist by  Pervik’s daughter Piret Raud. Raud, who is currently the most translated Estonian author, will talk to Aino Pervik about literature and life on Sunday, 29 May at 1 pm at the Estonian Writers’ Union.