Berk Vaher’s poetry disco

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Venue: KuKu Club (see on map)
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Berk Vaher

The poetry disco on the opening day of the festival is a regular part of the programme, but this year a new author steps on the stage with his selection of poetry and music. Berk Vaher (1975) is mostly known as a writer and literature promoter. He first gained prominence in the late 1990s as a member of the literary group Erakkond; by the early 2000s, he had published several collections of short stories. In 2002, he also published the experimental novel Lugulaul, considered the quintessential example of Estonian postmodern literature. Vaher has also made a mark on Estonian literary life as the initiator of various important events, like the literary festival Prima Vista. Over the years, Vaher’s love for music has also become evident, expressed in radio programmes, music reviews and increasingly frequent DJ sets. We can be sure that Vaher’s first poetry disco at HeadRead will offer not just good poetry and music, but will be coloured by his characteristic erudition and humour.

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