Crazed Tallinn

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Venue: Estonian Writers’ Union (see on map)
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Original language: Estonian
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Jaan Malin aka Doctor Persona is at it again! The man whose throat emits sonic genies and who would beat the cherubims themselves in a poetry battle! However, whether and how Malin will get to Tallinn in time for the festival is no longer the issue – will he come at all? All bets are off, Malin is a high flyer not only in the metaphorical sense. You can still conduct while being invisible, Estonian live poetry needs its own Kostabi and the organisers of all festivals must at least once in their lifetime find themselves in a situation that Bezdomny and Berlioz encountered at the Patriarch Ponds. The main question is: who will perform? Moreover, will we finally get an answer to the perpetual question: is there a difference between the craziness of Tallinn and Tartu? And if so, how is it expressed? Perhaps it is just two sides of the same coin, which never meet. Perhaps Malin will pull another surprise from his top hat – what could be crazier than to volunteer the craziness for a moment? Complicated, isn’t it? We can now confide that Doris Kareva, Karl Martin Sinijärv, Tobi Kunze and Jürgen Rooste will perform. Come and look at what will happen! 

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