Poetry cafés: Adam Cullen and Imar Kutšukali

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Venue: Kehrwieder Chocolaterie (see on map)
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The programme of poetry cafés, the movable cornerstone of the first day of our festival, bringing together words and music in five different combinations, is particularly dynamic this year. At the design café OM bohem (Munga 2) at 6 pm, you can listen to the voice of the youngest poetry generation, when Hanneleele Kaldmaa, winner of the 2015 Esimene samm award, will perform with guitar player Velle Tamme. Two hours before, at 4 pm, Maiasmokk café (Pikk 16) will host Paul-Eerik Rummo, one of the figureheads of the generation of the 1960s, full of boyish energy and still on top form. He will be accompanied by Raul Sööt on saxophone. Hanneleele’s spirited and versatile mother Kätlin Kaldmaa will perform at 8 pm at the vegan café Inspiratsioon (Lai 44) with bass guitarist Liisu Siimer. Kai-Mai Olbri, who moves with ease between different art forms, will perform with accordionist Maimu Jõgeda at 5 pm at the Pierre Chocolaterie (Meistrite hoov, Vene 6). Topping it all off, our very own American, poet and translator Adam Cullen will take his words and his violin to Kehrwieder Chocolaterie (Saiakang 1) at 7 pm and will also be accompanied by violinist Imar Kutšukali.

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