Poetry mass at the Niguliste Museum

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Venue: Niguliste Museum (see on map)
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Original language: Estonian
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As every year, you can come to the Niguliste Museum on the last day of the festival to listen to poetry that invites people to take a break, collect their thoughts and lift their spirits. The roster of performers is esteemed, yet diverse enough to offer a varied experience – there are male and female viewpoints (and it is possible that the male viewpoint will have a female voice and vice versa), there are views on life from five different decades. There is poetry that has been born in the turmoil of travels, and poetry born in the quiet of one’s home, there are perspectives on the city and the country, we will definitely hear both passion and calm, empathy as well as humour. Unearthly metaphors and earthly speech. The performers are poet and translator Ly Seppel (1943); journalist, prose writer and poet Sulev Oll (1964), poet, prose writer and children’s author Leelo Tungal (1947), poet and essayist Mihkel Kaevats (1983), poet and artist Aime Hansen (1962), poet, prose writer and critic Kärt Hellerma (1956) and poet fs (1971). Music will be provided by Jaak Juhanson (1959) on guitar and Krista Citra Joonas (1979) on bamboo flute. The poetry mass starts on Sunday 28 May at 2 pm. The museum ticket applies.

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