Programme of the VHK School: Lights Going Off

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Venue: Estonian Writers’ Union (see on map)
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Original language: Estonian
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A programme with the students of the Old Town Educational College (Vanalinna Hariduskolleegium, VHK) performing their selection of texts is a staple in the programme of the HeadRead festival. It is always an exciting and multi-layered literary collage that combines the best from Estonia and abroad. The programme is divided in two according to genres: prose and poetry. The prose section features the best our literary greats have to offer, from Juhan Liiv to Jaan Tätte, from A. H. Tammsaare to Valdur Mikita, but also featuring the work of Astrid Lindgren and Banana Yoshimoto. The poetry section will see the young interpreting classics like Juhan Liiv, Juhan Viiding, Betti Alver and Leelo Tungal, but also more recent authors like Kristiina Ehin or Veronika Kivisilla. The programme also includes songs by Juhan Viiding, Debora Vaarandi and Olav Ehala. It’s worth keeping an eye on the performers who may go on to become writers, singers or actors: Eva-Britta Simson, Rauni Saagim, Ruth Parman, Reginald Anselm Leppik, Otto Tiidermann, Hanna Maria Salong, Cameron George Cocker, Doris Järvsoo, Rea Kõiv, Kristen Karri, Hardi Möller, Mairen Mangusson and Maria Koff. Their supervisor, as many times before, is Tõnis Rätsep.

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