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Venue: Kapsad (see on map)
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  • Poetry reading
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Kapsad is a cosy meeting place in the Uus Maailm district, on the lower ground floor of the ‘house of poor writers’. For many years now, the HeadRead festival has drawn to a close in its green garden. The event is a relaxed affair, where the festival smoothly mingles with the sense of freedom of the arriving summer. Perhaps the atmosphere of Kapsad has an effect on these late May (or early June) performances. A resident of the house, the writer and poet Peeter Sauter has noted: “I go and Mihkel Kaevats and I pat each other on the back, because it is good and you can’t do it any other way and I wave to everyone and I leave and it feels as if I have visited a sanctuary and soothed my soul, even though I haven’t spoken to anyone about my soul.” In other words: all festival visitors are welcome at the most easy-going, wall-less sanctuary at Koidu 84.

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