Anti Saar

Anti Saar (1980) is an Estonian writer, translator and game designer. Saar’s literary debut, the book of stories Kuidas sa ära läksid ja mina maha jäin was published in 2006. Saar’s prose experiments with genres, and often takes the form of essays analysing the author’s position. Berk Vaher has described it as “postmodern writing about writing par excellence”. In 2013, after three works of prose, Saar published the children’s book Kuidas meil asjad käivad, which won the Aasta Rosin award and the children’s literature prize of the Estonian Cultural Endowment. While this is a children’s book, Saar still stretches the boundaries of literary expression in his own way – the protagonist of the book keeps addressing the reader but goes beyond describing just his surroundings and also reflects his thoughts. Not to mention subjects that some still consider unsuitable for children’s books – parental arguments, for example. Saar’s distinct sense of language and literary expression is evident not only in his writing but also his translations, which include awe-inspiring authors like Georges Perec, Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari.

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