HeadRead gains its first private supporter

The HeadRead literary festival has gained its first supporter from the private sector, shaking hands with Elisa Raamat. The festival has several wonderful partners from the private sector, but Elisa Raamat is the first private sponsor for the festival.

According to Krista Kaer, a member of the festival’s organising team, HeadRead and Elisa Raamat have a lot in common: “We both appreciate good literature and several of our guest authors have e-books in the Elisa Raamat library,” Kaer noted.

Kertu Kriisk, head of new services at Elisa, said that these kinds of literary events are important to show that enjoying literature can be a social activity. “Elisa Raamat brings together Estonian book lovers, and in addition to content that is updated weekly, it offers them a chance to read together and discover new books thanks to seeing the bookshelves of other readers. With HeadRead festival, we are reminding today’s book enthusiasts that there is much more to discover and we are showing the way for future book lovers,” Kertu Kriisk commented on Elisa’s decision to partner up with the literary festival.

The programme of the HeadRead festival is free of charge for the visitors, except for the Poetry Mass at Niguliste Museum, where the museum ticket applies. This year, the festival is held from 24 to 28 May and the programme is available on the festival site headread.ee.

Elisa Raamat is an e-book library with a monthly fee, and you do not have to be a customer of Elisa to use it. The library currently features around 2200 titles, 300 of which are available free of charge. Elisa Raamat can be used in Android and Apple devices.


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