Cinema screenings during HeadRead

Although the official programme of HeadRead does not feature cinema screenings this year, we can highly recommend two special programmes that are associated with literature to some extent.

The Artis Cinema will screen true classics, three films by the legendary director John Boorman: Excalibur, Deliverance, and Hope and Glory. The cultural weekly Sirp will also publish Andrei Liimets’ interview with Boorman this Friday.

The Sõprus Cinema will host a retrospective of films based on the works of Charles Bukowski, and hold a panel discussion of translators who have translated his works. The following films will be screened: Barfly, Lune froide, Tales of Ordinary Madness (the screening is followed by a panel discussion of translators),  Factotum and a full-length documentary Bukowski: Born into This.

More information on the programmes can be found on the websites of Artis and Sõprus cinemas.


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