HeadRead begins cooperation with Helsinki Lit and the Nordic Literature Festival

Last week, representatives of the Helsinki Lit and Norsk Litteraturfestival visited Tallinn and met with a representative of our very own HeadRead festival. Since all three festivals are held very close to each other, it was decided that the three festivals would cooperate in the future. This cooperation begins already in 2018, when John Freeman and Domenico Starnone will attend … Continued

HeadRead festival at the Kirjandustänava festival

This weekend, on 9 September, the Tallinn Literary Centre will organise the first Kirjandustänava (Street of Literature) festival, and HeadRead festival will also take part. The HeadRead tent will provide information about past and future festivals and festival merchandise and books will be sold. Members of the organising team will also give literary performances: 13.00 … Continued

Words of gratitude

Summer is taking its time reaching Estonia, so this is a good chance to extend the festival mood just a little bit more and thank all the wonderful people who helped make this festival so memorable and cosy. International guests Jelizaveta Aleksandrova-Zorina, David Almond, Graeme Macrea Burnet, Davide Cali, Yolanda Castano, Simon Clark, Ann Cleeves, … Continued

Events of HeadRead on the ETV2 television channel

Today, on 5 June, the Estonian television channel ETV2 will broadcast Louise O’Neill’s conversation with Kaisa Kaer from this year’s festival. This will be followed in the coming weeks by Tan Twan Eng’s conversation with Jan Kaus and Jonas Khemiriäs conversation with Christer Haglund, which will be broadcast on Monday 12 June at 22.10 on ETV2. … Continued

Record number of performers at this year’s HeadRead festival

LITERARY FESTIVAL HEADREAD Press release 31.05.2017 The HeadRead literary festival that wrapped up on Sunday featured more than 30 international guests and twice as many Estonian performers. In total, 75 literary events with more than 110 performers were held over five days. All events found their audience and we are happy that the performances of … Continued

Cinema screenings during HeadRead

Although the official programme of HeadRead does not feature cinema screenings this year, we can highly recommend two special programmes that are associated with literature to some extent. The Artis Cinema will screen true classics, three films by the legendary director John Boorman: Excalibur, Deliverance, and Hope and Glory. The cultural weekly Sirp will also … Continued

HeadRead gains its first private supporter

The HeadRead literary festival has gained its first supporter from the private sector, shaking hands with Elisa Raamat. The festival has several wonderful partners from the private sector, but Elisa Raamat is the first private sponsor for the festival. According to Krista Kaer, a member of the festival’s organising team, HeadRead and Elisa Raamat have … Continued

Major Supporters: