A. J. Finn and Tauno Vahter

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Venue: Estonian Writers’ Union (see on map)
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A. J. Finn

Dan Mallory is a true new literary sensation, the “first literary megastar” of 2018. Published under the gender-neutral pseudonym A. J. Finn, his novel The Woman in the Window was subject to a bidding war between publishers, and the film rights have been sold to Hollywood for a hefty sum. It has already earned comparisons with recent bestsellers like The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins as well as crime classics like Agatha Christie’s Paddington 16:40. Mallory’s novel is centred around an unreliable narrator, child psychologist Anna Fox who suffers from agoraphobia and alcoholism, and it is linked to The Girl on the Train also by the theme of being jealous of the lives of others. In addition to a bloody plot, Mallory also makes sure to create Hitchcockian psychological tension that allows him to create a character study in addition to a thriller – Anna is a psychologist who could use the help of a psychologist herself. Dan Mallory will talk to publisher Tauno Vahter.

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