Armin Kõomägi and Urmas Vadi

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Venue: Estonian Writers’ Union (see on map)
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Translated to: Estonian
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This is the meeting of two masters of short stories in current Estonian literature – both Armin Kõomägi (1969) as well as Urmas Vadi (1977) have won the Friedebert Tuglas award for short stories, twice. However, skill in writing short stories is not the only thing they have in common. They are also both characterised by versatility. Vadi is a remarkable playwright and novelist, and his most recent novel Neverland (2017) is, without a doubt, one of the most outstanding Estonian works of prose. Vadi has also proved himself as a theatre producer. Kõomägi has also written novels, his Lui Vutoon won first prize at the 2015 novel competition. Not to mention the fact that having previously made a name for himself in business, Kõomägi epitomises the openness of literature – literature is a practice that needs no professional preparation, only talent. However, there is one more thing that these writers share: a great sense of humour. The writing of both authors is characterised by a socially-aware ironic sensibility. How do these two view each other’s work?

Watch the ERR recording of the event (in Estonian)

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