Åsa Lind

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Venue: Estonian Children's Literature Centre (see on map)
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Original language: Swedish
Translated to: Estonian
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Location: balcony hall

Åsa Lind

© Leif Hansen

Åsa Lind (1958) is a Swedish children’s author. Her best known work, the 2002 book Sandvargen (Sandwolf) won the 2003 Nils Holgersson award. The Sandwolf is a fantastical creature, an invisible companion who appears on the beach, full of ideas and joy but also serious conversations, and seems to know everything about everything. Among other things, it tells the protagonist, the six-year-old Zackarina that reality is a very wide and remarkable place where absolutely anything can happen. It is perhaps one of the reasons that makes it easier for Zackarina and the Sandwolf to deal with the world and its darkness. Åsa Lind herself has said that fiction allows her to study and understand reality as well as the language that describes that reality.

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