Henry Marsh and Joonas Hellerma

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Henry Marsh

© Paulo Castanheira Lua de Papel

During the HeadRead festival, a big conference for neurosurgeons is taking place in Tartu. At first glance it seems like a specialist affair but every vertebrate has a central nervous system and it is common knowledge that the brain can be more complicated than the cosmos. Therefore we are happy to have an eminent neurosurgeon as our guest. Henry Marsh (1950) is a brain surgeon who specialises in operations with a local anaesthetic, and he has also cooperated with neurosurgeons in the former Soviet Union, especially Ukraine. His book Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery (2014) won praise as a candid and clear description of a surgeon’s everyday life. Marsh makes no attempt to hide the sometimes fatal failures that are part of his profession, which brings the author closer to the reader – after all, we are all patients on the operating table of the universe. Henry Marsh will talk to cultural journalist Joonas Hellerma.

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