Masters of the Pun – Keiti Vilms, Contra, Mart Juur, Oliver Lomp

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Venue: Estonian Writers’ Union (see on map)
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Original language: Estonian
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The Estonian word „kalambuur“ comes from the French word „calembour“ which means a play on words or a pun that is driven by multiple meanings or the similar sound of words. In Estonia, the pun as a kind of literary game has risen to prominence in recent times thanks to Keiti Vilms (1983), who has brought together the expressiveness of the Estonian language and the possibilities of social media in a wonderful combination. Last year, her letters were bound in the book @keitivilms that was nominated for the free award of the Estonian Cultural Endowment; she also won the Language Achievement of the Year award and got her own programme on the Vikerraadio radio station. However, in the shadow of Vilms, other masters have honed their puncraft – journalist Oliver Lomp (1986) published his collection Täiesti lomp with more than 300 puns. Humourist Mart Juur (1964), who is also the face of the only literary television programme in Estonia, is no stranger to puns either. Certainly one of the most notable punners is poet Contra (1974), whose witty work stands out with its extremely resourceful and playful rhymes.

Watch the ERR recording of the event (in Estonian).

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