Kathleen Jamie and Veronika Kivisilla

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Venue: Tallinn Central Library (see on map)
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Kathleen Jamie

Kathleen Jamie (1962) is a Scottish poet and essayist. Her debut collection of poems Black Spiders was published in 1982 and demonstrated Jamie’s distinct talent – her need to move in different landscapes and worlds, whether around or inside people. Jamie’s travels are reflected in her poetry and other works. She has produced travel writing and essays about travelling, publishing books on her trips to Pakistan and Tibet. She has also worked with other artists; in 1993, she published the book The Autonomous Region with photographer Sean Mayne Smith about her stay in China, combining the author’s personal observations with the history of the region. A lot of her travel writing is collected in her 2004 book Among Muslims. Jamie’s most celebrated book of poems is her collection from 2004 entitled The Tree House.

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