Literary walk in the Old Town

@ Dmitri Kotjuh

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Venue: Old Town (see on map)
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Literary walks are not just about movement along tracks. People do not simply follow in the footsteps of literature, instead they create more literature. After a literary walk, something changes in the surrounding landscape for every participant – the city is not quite what it used to be. Actually, every walk has this effect on the walker – as they walk, people change the landscape around them, their gaze draws the space nearer, creates and finds meanings; however, the landscape also changes the walker, making the walker discover angles and views that were previously unknown to them. The peculiarity of literary walks is that the meaning created between the landscape and the the people passing through it is connected to the written word. Every step and glance can increase the meaningfulness of literature. Thus, more literature is created in the urban space with each literary walk.

With Josef Kats

Assembly point: Estonian Writers’ Union

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