Children’s books exchange fair

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Venue: Estonian Children's Literature Centre (see on map)
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At the fair, you can get all kinds of books for children and young adults, and in addition to all this trading, you can enjoy some of our brightest performers – a musician, a storyteller and an artist. Silver Sepp (1982) is an Estonian musician who has played in several folk bands (such as Svjata Vatra and Ro:Toro), but has also gained fame playing some strange instruments like the nail instrument. Piret Päär (1963) is one of the best-loved storytellers of Estonia, and a passionate promoter of storytelling. She has also collected and studied stories of hitchhiking Estonians. Kertu Sillaste (1973) is a renowned artist and illustrator who has worked as an artist at the Tallinn Central Library, and has been the supervisor of the Art Chamber at the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre since 2014. She has also worked with many famous Estonian children’s writers (Aino Pervik, Mika Keränen, Jaanus Vaiksoo, Kätlin Vainola).

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