Marcelo Birmajer and Ehte Puhang

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Venue: Estonian Writers’ Union (see on map)
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Original language: Spanish
Translated to: Estonian
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Marcelo Birmajer

© Huili Raffo

Marcelo Birmajer (1966) is a Jewish-Argentinian writer. Estonian readers know him through two books. The collection of stories Stories of Married Men focuses mostly on infidelity, uncovering its layers from love and sex to middle age crisis, loneliness and death. In these short stories, Birmajer shows his ability to present even the most complicated subjects with lightness but not levity. The events of his novel Obituary Club are set in motion by a strange, regularly appearing obituary. When it is no longer published, an incredible story unfolds, showing there are always more things in this world that we can dream of, and we have no power over most of these things. Marcelo Birmajer will talk to translator Ehte Puhang.

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