MASSIA sound poem: through kindness to the stars

© Danel Rinaldo

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Venue: Kanuti Gildi SAAL (see on map)
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Jaan Malin aka Luulur (1960) is one of the best known performers of poetry in Estonia, a master of sounds and a veritable one-man-engine. Roomet Jakapi (1973) is a multitalent, a philosopher and a musician who also dabbles in experimental poetry performances. From time to time, their roads cross and this often results in a wild spectacle, where all facial muscles and voices are used. In January 2018, the dynamic duo of Malin and Jakapi found inspiration with musicians from the Pärnumaa county, resulting in a new kind of creative expression that cannot be pinned down to any Procrustean bed of defined genres. The group is named MASSIA and includes, in addition to Malin and Jakapi, the composer and conductor Andrus Kallastu (1967), flutists Leonora Palu (1979) and Monika Mattiesen (1966), violinist and composer Indrek Palu (1977), music scholar and composer Gerhard Lock (1978) and his brother, also a composer Hans-Gunter Lock (1974). This incredibly creative and motley group can surely produce nothing mundane!

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