Michael Katz Krefeld and Eha Vain

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Venue: Estonian Writers’ Union (see on map)
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Original language: English
Translated to: Estonian
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Michael Katz Krefeld

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Michael Katz Krefeld (1966) is a Danish crime writer. Krefeld began his career as a screenwriter in television, but his first novel in 2007 won the debut prize of the Danish crime academy. His fourth book, the 2010 novel Black Snow Falling was named the best crime novel of the year. As many of his colleagues across the world, his book series are linked by a central protagonist. In Krefeld’s case, it is the private detective Thomas “The Raven” Ravnsholdt. Fittingly for good Nordic noir, the stories combine social and personal issues. Derailed (2013) focuses on European prostitution rings, Missing (2014) takes a look at the dirty secrets of Eastern Germany, and The Cult (2015) goes behind the scenes of modern religions. Michael Katz Krefeld will talk to translator and publisher Eha Vain.

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