Mika Keränen

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Mika Keränen

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Mika Keränen (1973) is a phenomenon. Ethnically Finnish, the Tartu-dwelling Keränen has become one of the most popular children’s authors writing in Estonian. Keränen’s career took off in 2008 with his book Varastatud oranž jalgratas (The Stolen Orange Bicycle) that launched a popular series. It centres on the secret children’s society Ramps in the romantic slum of Supilinn in Tartu, and in every book, its members come across a criminal affair that they will then go on to tackle. Varastatud oranž jalgratas was followed by Peidetud hõbedane aardelaegas (The Hidden Silver Treasure Chest) in 2009, where the members of Ramps are searching for a treasure buried in the Tartu Botanical Gardens during the Second World War. The book won the children’s book award of the Estonian Cultural Endowment in 2010. In 2015, the film Supilinna salaselts (Secret Society of Souptown), based on Keränen’s books, was released. By now, Keränen’s heros have reached a ninth book, the Fantoomrattur (Phantom Cyclist) published in 2017, where the events are set in motion by a thief on a bicycle who pinches the purse belonging to the mother of Mari, one of the most important members of Ramps.

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