Peeter Volkonski and Lembit Peterson

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Venue: Estonian Writers’ Union (see on map)
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Original language: Estonian
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Peeter Volkonski

© Kärt Kukkur

This is a meeting of two national treasures. On the one hand, the incredibly versatile actor, musician and translator Peeter Volkonski (1954) who is both the raucous lead singer of the punk band Propeller as well as a quiet erudite whose latest achievement is the translation of the 10th century Armenian mystic Gregory of Narek. At times, the punk and the literary persona meet, such as in 2009, when Volkonski celebrated his 55th birthday with the publication of a colourful autobiography under the title ISBN 978-9985-9980-6-9 – a clear indication of his aversion to norms. As a translator, Volkonski has mostly been interested in small cultures like Moldova, Khanty or Armenia. On the other hand, the actor, theatre producer and teacher Lembit Peterson (1953), is one of the founders of the Theatrum Theatre and its long-time artistic director. His grasp as a producer spans Shakespeare to modern drama, such as Ivan Vyrypaev. What happens when you ask two people of such talent and wit to exchange ideas? Something that draws you in and stays with you.

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