Ulla Saar and Kätlin Vainola

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Venue: Estonian Children's Literature Centre (see on map)
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Original language: Estonian
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Kätlin Vainola (1978) is a children’s author who began her literary journey in the late 1990s with the literary group TNT under the pseudonym Marie Myrk. She has also written lyrics for bands like Vennaskond and Sõpruse Puiestee. She wrote her first children’s book entitled Ville in 2006 and has published 16 children’s books so far. Last year was a prolific one for Vainola, with two books appearing. Nähh Pariisis (Nähh in Paris) is an imaginative story about the toy dog of a boy named Daniel who gets lost in the French capital and its adventures lead it to meet other lost toys. The book Poiss, kes joonistas kaarte (The Boy Who Drew Maps), aimed at the smallest readers, tells the story of a boy named Mark, who likes drawing maps. He has drawn a map of every room of his home and garden, but he does not have a map of the attic, which seems a rather creepy place. The book features illustrations by Ulla Saar, who has worked with many other prestigious Estonian children’s authors in addition to Vainola (Aino Pervik, Contra, Indrek Koff, Kadri Hinrikus). Ulla Saar and Kätlin Vainola will meet little map and attic enthusiasts at the attic of the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre.

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