Bright Young Things

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There are many expressions which describe youth. “The youth is our future”. Yes, of course, although the youth could also be our past – they carry our past within them. Then there is also the adage about “spoilt youth”. Well-well. Are these two sayings not in conflict with each other? Perhaps not, if one believes that the future is corrupt. Yet is it not true that a generation as a whole cannot be corrupt, just as an entire gender or a community cannot be corrupt? It is the individuals who tend to become corrupt – it makes no difference whether it is a reckless youngster or a bitter elder. In any case, it is certain that the young who start their performing careers at the HeadRead festival are simply wonderful, sensitive and curious people who should be remembered, and whose presence reaffirms the idea that the youth is our present. Let’s remember these names: Roberta Bühler, Marite Rikkas, Laura Kell, Emma Toomsalu, Frederik Küüts, Karl Birnbaum, Liine Palu, Marcus Müürsepp, Markus Vaher and Anna Maria Rüütmann.

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