Katrina Kalda

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Katrina Kalda (1980) is an Estonian-born French writer. Her debut was actually named An Estonian novel (Un roman estonien, 2010) and was inspired by the atmosphere of Estonia and Tallinn of the early 1990s. Her second novel, Arithmétique des dieux (The Arithmetic of Gods, 2013) also includes autobiographical elements – the protagonist Kadri Raud moves to France from Estonia in the late 1980s and takes an interest in the past of the family she left behind. Kalda’s latest novel, Le pays où les arbres n’ont pas d’ombre (The Land Where The Trees Cast No Shadow, 2016) shows a new side of the author – it is a relevant dystopian story set in a nameless world, near the Plain close to a forbidden city, and its inhabitants lead a routine life of feeding the city residents and sorting their waste, making the story about power and surviving in harsh conditions. Characteristic of contemporary novels, the story prominently features strong female characters. Katrina Kalda will talk to writer, translator and specialist of French literature Indrek Koff.

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Friday, 25 May at 19:00 Katrina Kalda and Indrek Koff Estonian Writers’ Union

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