Knut Ødegård

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Knut Ødegård (1945) is a Norwegian poet, translator and literature promoter. He has published more than 50 books, including 15 books of poetry. Ødegård is probrably the most translated contemporary Norwegian poet with translations in more than 40 languages to his name, most recently the Estonian collection of poems Olin imiku nutt varisenud keldris (2018). Translator Øyvind Rangøy decribes Ødegård’s poetry as follows: “He combines the ecclesiastic and the folk, the conservative and the radical, madness and common sense, the worlds of children and adults. In his world of poetry, a tension is formed between his almost baroque abundance of details and unexpected simplicty or even vulgarity, and he also likes contrasts between unending darkness and the beauty of universe.”  Knut Ødegård lives in Iceland and 2013-2016 saw the publication of four volumes of the collection of songs know as the Poetic Edda, translated by him into nynorsk or New Norwegian. From 1992, Ødegård has been organising the Bjørnson literary festival in his hometown Molde, which is one of the most important literary events in Norway.

Knut Ødegård will perform at the Poetry Mass at the St Nicholas’ Church on Sunday 27 May at 12 pm.

Performs at

Date Event Name Location
Sunday, 27 May at 12:00 Poetry mass Niguliste Museum

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