Peter Aleshkovsky

Peter Aleshkovsky (1957) is a Russian writer, journalist and historian. Before launching his literary career, he took part in the renovation of several monasteries in the 1970s and 1980s (Novgorod and Solovetsky among others). Aleshkovsky turned to literature in 1989 when he began writing stories and articles for magazines. He has been nominated for the Russian Booker Prize three times, winning in 2016 with his novel Крепость (Fortress).The semi-autobiographical work tells the story of an archaeologist who tries to protect an old fortress from modifications driven by financial considerations, but also describes, through the Mongols, the influence of other cultures on medieval Russian society. Aleshkovsky’s style has been likened to that of Gogol or Dostoyevsky – he is a writer who can capture the mentality of the Russian society in an emotional and incisive way. Peter Aleshkovsky will talk to translator Ilona Kivirähk.

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Friday, 25 May at 16:00 Peter Aleshkovsky and Ilona Kivirähk Estonian Writers’ Union

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