Polina Cherkasova

Polina Cherkasova (1986) is an Estonian anthropologist, musician and storyteller of Russian origin, combining stories of various cultures with her music, and performing them on various rare instruments, such as French bagpipes, the svirel, the birbynė, kalimba or zills. Cherkasova has collaborated with many groups, including early music groups like Virre and Rondellus, and composed music for the productions of the Russian Theatre and the Old New Theatre. Cherkasova has studied the effects of stories, sounds and listening on people. Her 2017 album Helisevad muinaslood includes interpretations of fairy tales from Africa, Persia, Russia, India, Serbia and Estonia.

Performs at

Date Event Name Location
Saturday, 26 May at 20:00 Polina Cherkasova Estonian Writers’ Union

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