A. N. Wilson

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  • Conversation with writer
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A. N. Wilson

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Andrew Norman Wilson (1950) is an English writer and columnist who is a prolific novelist and history writer. His numerous prose works include the Booker-nominated Winnie and Wolf (2007) that looks at the friendship between Adolf Hitler and Winifred Wagner, the daughter-in-law of Richard Wagner and the driving force behind the Bayreuth festival. The Healing Art (1980) looks at two of the most important subjects in literature and life: love and death. Wilson has also written about Adolf Hitler in his non-fiction work: in 2011, he published a biography of this rather poor military leader. His range as a history writer is awe-inspiring; he has written about Jesus and Paul, Dante and Tolstoy, Milton and Darwin, and books on religion. Naturally, he has paid particular attention to British history, especially the Victorian era (1937-1901) in his two voluminous works Victoria: A Life (2014) and The Victorians (2002). In the former, Wilson looks behind the image of a stern figure who ruled for more than 60 years to find a unique woman, and in the latter, he draws parallels between late-19th century England and late-20th century United States. A. N. Wilson will talk to English author Jason Goodwin.

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