Breakfast with Literature and Translations: If I Spoke in Every Language

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According to a 2000 survey by Statistics Estonia, 72% of Estonians spoke at least one foreign language, with Russian (49%) and English (29%) leading the way, and German and Finnish also ranking high. It is safe to assume that the share of English has increased and that of Russian decreased by now. However, one thing is certain; Estonians as a small nation continue to appreciate foreign language skills. For writers, these skills are all but inevitable. Starting from this year, the festival and the Estonian Institute will celebrate this inevitability. On Friday 24 May at 11 am, everyone is welcome to the offices of the Estonian Institute for a morning get together. Poets Adam Cullen (1986), Veronika Kivisilla (1978) and Indrek Koff (1975) will read their poetry in Estonian and other languages. The audience is sure to hear English and French in addition to Estonian. This is an exciting experiment in a broader sense: how does a poem for one voice and several languages sound?

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