Bright Young Things

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As the popular song Pea õits’vad lilled goes, youth is a beautiful time and will never return, and these lyrics express something timeless. They convey an idea that was included in the first texts of Western culture. For example, Sappho, one of the greatest poets of antiquity, writes in one of her fragments: “Virginity, virginity, where have you gone, deserting me?’ / ‘Never again shall I come to you: never again shall I come.” The beauty and brevity of youth take on increasingly profound and clear tones as we age. Because in youth, a person’s connection to the present is at its most immediate: the world is there to be discovered, right now, right here. And those who are no longer young feel genuinely happy about the force of this discovery – after all, it is only individual youth that disappears, not youth itself. You are welcome to listen to the new literary voices of today, represented by Harald Rainer Ainla, Laura Kell, Joonas Koff, Rasmus Kuningas, Ramona Mägi, Marcus Müürsepp, Liine Palu, Anna Maria Rüütmann, Sirli Staub, Marianna Vaga and Joonas Väli.

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