Children’s books exchange fair

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Venue: Estonian Children's Literature Centre (see on map)
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The Estonian Children’s Literature Centre has a nice tradition of holding a children’s books exchange fair during the festival. This year is no different. On Saturday 25 May from 12-3 pm, all reading enthusiasts can meet and combine the pleasant with the useful. The idea behind the fair is simple: everyone is free to bring along a book that no longer fits on the shelf or is so good that it would be a sin to keep it at home. You can look for new books to read brought by others and take your great finds home. All exchanges are made without money, books are passed from hand to hand. The circulation of good stories is accompanied by a varied cultural programme, headed by musician and storyteller Polina Cherkasova (at 12 pm), and artist and illustrator Katrin Ehrlich (at 2 pm). The programme also includes Games of Pippi (at 1 pm) that allow younger and older readers to test their literary knowledge and skills. The violin ensemble Mosaiik, comprising children learning the violin by the Suzuki method, will perform; the teacher is Karmen Kääramees, and they are accompanied on the piano by Tiiu Jürma.

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