Fresh Produce from the Writers’ Cabbage Patch

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Venue: Koidu 84 (see on map)
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In the Uus Maailm district, on Koidu Street, there is a so-called writers’ house (at Koidu 84) that has been and is home to several renowned Estonian writers. The yard behind this house has been the location for the final note of the HeadRead festival for several years, a semi-spontaneous event of poetry and prose reading, singing, music-making, eating and drinking. The building used to house a small library that would sometimes transform into a café which also hosted literary afternoons and evenings. While the house is a cosy and ramshackle old residential building – Tallinn is full of these two-storey Villa Villekulla type of houses – one could easily get lost in there. Try to enter from the street and leave from the garden – you never know what could happen to you; you could become a poet while wandering around the house or a cabbage on the vegetable patch in the garden. However, there is a great likelihood of the poet being excellent and the cabbage being tasty. Everyone is welcome and cherished!

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